PICV DN15-32
  • Hattersley's Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICVs) offer accurate control of flow for optimised environmental comfort in variable volume heating and chilled water systems.
Flow rate
DN15: 0.008-0.340l/s
DN20: 0.070-0.420l/s
DN25: 0.240-0.850l/s
DN32: 0.520-1.73l/s
  • Flow can be precisely measured with Fig. 1000 FMD to +/- 5% flow accuracy with differential pressure up to 800kpa
  • Design validation testing to BSRIA BTS01. As per Cyclic Testing requirements, valve subjected to 10,000 cycles
  • Comprehensive testing undertaken for each valve - pressure tested to BS EN 12266-1
Electro-Mechanical Actuators (for DN15-32)
  • ACT1934FB. A feedback actuator which allows modulating control with 0-10V positional feedback signal function for fan coil units. The feedback signal can be used by an external monitoring system to compare with control signal in order to check for ensure system is functioning correctly.
  • ACT1934FS. a Fail Safe actuator designed to protect the equipment (such as fan coil units) and the system from damage, while enhancing overall efficiency. In the event of a disruption to the power supply the actuator will drive either open or closed, powered by an internal super capacitor. The failsafe actuator can be fully configured using the user-friendly configuration tool (available separately). Failsafe models include 0-10V positional feedback signal function.
  • ACT1932M. Forced convection (active) terminal units, i.e. FCU (Fan Coil Units) and active Chilled Beams are designed to be very responsive to changes in room temperature. Modulating actuators enable flow rate changes, and consequently heat output changes, to quickly match demand requirements, therefore, modulating actuators should be chosen for forced convection terminal units. Modulating actuators allow all intermediate flow rates between full flow and no flow.
PICV DN40-50
  • Maintains equal percentage control characteristic at all flow rate settings
  • Pressure independent control of flow
  • Simple flow rate setting
Flow rate
DN40-50: 0.3-3.2l/s
  • Adjustable over wide range of flow rates
  • Compact design
  • Integral test points for Dp verification
  • Activation DP 20-35kPa (DN40) and 25-35kPa (DN50) dependent on setting
  • Setting key and isolating cap included
  • Gap Detection Actuator smart technology, supporting an overall energy efficient HVAC system
Electro-Mechanical Actuators (for DN40-50)
  • ACT1932M is a modulating actuator providing proportional (equal percentage) control. This now includes a stem gap detection feature which reduces onsite adjustments and results in easier installation and commissioning.
  • ACT1932TP is a 3-point actuator (or floating point) electromechanical actuator for use where thermal actuators are not suitable.
  • ACT1932TH is a thermal actuator designed for ON/OFF control. Thermal actuators are small, light, and therefore a good choice for confined spaces.
  • Gap Detection Feature included with the ACT1932M actuator is an innovation which accurately matches it to the stroke length of the valve during calibration, ensuring the actuator conversion to equal percentage is accurate and gives the desired flow control across all valve settings for the operating differential pressure range.
PICV Offering Full Authority & Automatic Balancing Function DN50-150
  • Energy savings: Optimal control creates energy savings when used as part of a variable flow system.
  • Easy to install: For use with large plant items such as Air Handling Units (AHU), the PICV is compact and easy to install in limited and difficult site conditions.
  • Accurate flow rates: Built-in differential pressure controller ensures accurate system design flow rates are achieved and eliminates overflows caused by fluctuating system pressures, which in turn reduces the system running costs.
  • Precise temperature control: Linear or equal percentage characteristics, settable with an actuator, contribute to precise environmental temperature control.
PICV & Hook-Up Brochure