Düker is a family-owned company based in Karlstadt (near Würzburg) in Northern Bavaria. The company's origins can be traced back to the year 1469.
The company manufactures various products made of cast iron in its two foundries in Karlstadt and Laufach, among them pipes, fittings and valves for water, waste water and gas. Dueker is the only EN 877 cast iron pipe manufacturer in Germany.
Epoxy Cast Iron Soil Pipe For Building Drainage
SML socketless cast iron drainage pipe systems can be used universally - for normal building drainage with domestic waste water and rain water, within the building, in concrete, outside of buildings, when positive or negative pressures are to be expected, also at elevated medium temperatures, of in case of multiple charges e.g. hot waste water with simultaneous inside pressure.
For underground installation coating versions with outside zinc coating are required; for aggressive domestic drainage (e.g. ventilation of a grease separator) the MLK-protec pipe system must be chosen.
SML – For Normal Building Drainage
  • No-hub SML grey cast iron pipe, fittings and couplings from DN50-300, and in part up to DN400
  • Suitable for above ground building drainage for installation inside buildings or outside on a building (as a rain water down pipe) or for example in underground carparks
  • Complies to EN 877
  • SML pipe bears an external reddish brown base coat and an internal ochre coloured fully cross linked epoxy coating
  • SML fittings epoxy coated internally and externally
  • Couplings and grip collars are supplied to suit all pipe systems and aggressiveness of the media (for instance EPDM gasket vs NBR)
  • Various test certs such as HLK, BBA are available
  • Carries RAL GEG (German quality association drainage technology cast iron) quality seal. GEG is given from regular third party factory inspections to guarantee consistently high quality products, and requirements from this seal are considerably higher than those of EN 877, in particular the resistance of the inside coating
  • A1 reaction to fire classification as per EN 13501-1, which is non combustible. The further criteria for s (smoke generation) and d (flaming droplets) do not apply
MLK-protec – For Aggressive Building Drainage
  • No-hub MLK-protec pipe, fittings and couplings based on EN 877 standard for the drainage of waste waters of a certain aggressiveness in domestic areas and suitable for underground applications
  • MLK-protec pipe bears an external zinc coating and a grey cover coat, and internally a double layer of ochre coloured fully cross linked epoxy coating
  • MLK-protec fittings are epoxy coated internally and eternally
  • Alternate version: MLK-indoor. If the pipe is installed within a building without any corrosive attack on the outside surfaces, it is possible to use MLK-indoor where the outside coating is only the grey cover coat, without zinc coating
  • Couplings are supplied to suit all pipe systems