SOCLA has been growing for more than half a century. Our aim is and always has been to rise to these challenges and stand tall as a leader in the water and fluid control industry.
Founded in 1951 in Chalon-sur-Saône (France) and now a subsidiary of the Watts Water Technologies Group, SOCLA is a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of specialist automatic and actuated plumbing systems.
Socla focuses on 4 key areas:
Backflow preventers and systems to protect drinking water networks from the backflow of unsafe water.
An unparalleled range of check valves ranging from 15 to 800mm and 16 closure systems which meet the requirements for a wide range of applications, from domestic water and waste water to food-safe and industrial fluid systems.
Control valves, pressure reducers, air release valves, water hammer arrestors designed to control or reduce pressure and the air and water level inside drinking water pipelines.
Butterfly valves designed for water pipelines, general domestic or industrial circuits, “process” installations for specialised industries (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nuclear).